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“Coaching is an investment in one’s success - I like the analogy you gave me right at the beginning about athletes being surrounded by their team. Leaders should have the same to bring out the best performance in them, in work and in turn, in life.”

“When we met you were able to walk me through the process of helping me define my core challenges, understand where I was starting from, and where I wanted to go (and we come back to this regularly).”

“More than just taking my point of view, instead helping me see myself more accurately illuminating on how others might experience me and how/why I might be experiencing interactions with others, and then linking that back to how I can have the greatest positive impact on all situations, my success, etc.”

"As part of the coaching process you offer useful new skills, awareness and knowledge, and you help me integrate what I’ve learned into day-to-day life, leadership, management, communication, etc.”

"Value-adding and contributing to each thought, issue and dilemma I bring to the table."

“Clear and pragmatic, very actionable steps to achieve what I'm looking for and to manage the things that are not aligned with my goals.”

“Completely trustworthy, genuinely cares about my goals.”

“Very supportive, engaging and a good listener.”

"Challenging, constructive and adaptable.”

"Respectful and intelligent."

"Game changing."

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